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To ensure that these spells are used properly, you must first become a member of the website. (See how on the Home Page) Once you have done this, browse through our list of spells that we have. Once you have selected the spell you would like, email wiccaforever_info@hotmail.com with your username and password. The spell will be sent to you within 9 hours, if sent after 3pm (GMT).

List Of Spells
Love Spell
Healing Spell For Yourself
Healing Spell For Others
Good Luck Spell
Rain/Sun Spell
Finding spirit
lucky charm
Good fortune accumulator
mega sucsess
The great savings spell
Anti-hex spell
good mood in the morning
Revision spell
sunrise spell
forgiveness from the skies
please don't shout spell
whiter than white reputation spell
ill feelings dispelling spell
alternative peace spell
sea shell get well spell
fellow traveller spiral spell
Bereavement spell
the blessings of the unicorn
Quell the fire
More Coming Soon!